Can you draw?

Illustrate a quote from I HAVE LOST MY WAY. If you haven’t read the book yet, here are a sampling of quotes to get you started:

  • I have lost my way.
  • Sing what you can’t say.
  • I believed that as long as we sang together, I would be okay.
  • “We all die . It’s the only sure thing in life and the one thing we have in common with everything else on the planet.”
  • Tears are not blood-colored, and no one cries for him.
  • All these people who are there for her, to help her, their touch feels dead, but this stranger’s touch just made her heart trip.
  • People lie all the time about what they want, but intentions are pure.
  • It’s the hoping that makes it hurt.
  • “The question is: Are you hungry enough?”
  • Right here is where I need to be.
  • Freya never gets asked questions she wants to say yes to. Freya is in charge of no one. Freya is liked by millions, needed by none.
  • He doesn’t want to hope. He can’t afford to hope. But there it is, the fluttering in his chest, all because a pretty girl (a beautiful girl) with beautiful eyes (sad eyes) is letting him hold her bare foot as he dresses a wound that he himself caused.
  • Please don’t let go.
  • I see well enough For the both of us.
  • She does not believe in anything resembling destiny. But at that moment, it’s hard not to believe that the three of them were meant to meet.
  • Finding each other like they did was…she doesn’t know the word for it. Luck? Fate? Miracle? But she’s pretty certain whatever it’s called you only get so much of it in a lifetime, let alone a day.  
  • To be the holder of other people’s loss is to be the keeper of their love.
  • When a broken bone heals, it’s stronger than it was before the break. Same holds true for broken hearts.

And check out Gayle’s Instagram feed for a sampling of teen-produced artwork.

Drawing not your thing? Are you better at acting or singing?